Saturday, July 14, 2012

3 Years and Still Not Giving Up

For you lazy readers and you A.D.D. victims the following are the highlights from this post:

First order of business is the 4th Annual Klamath River Benefit Bash! It's going down on August 18th with rafting starting at noon. Whitewater rafting, BBQ, music, swimming, volleyball, camping, and most importantly great people!! Do yourself a favor and be there!! The rafting is fun and safe and a great time for ALL skill levels check out for more information about what the rafting is all about.

What: Fundraiser to help Matt walk again.
Where: Paradise Point (see picture below)
When: August 18th starting at noonFor more details and driving directions

As you can see the location is beautiful so bring the whole family and conclude your summer with a fun weekend in the sun and water!

If you have any questions please contact me at

Why am I trying to raise money??  I've been doing exercise based rehabilitation therapy at a place in Carlsbad, CA called Project Walk.  I continue to make progress and as long as I keep making progress I want to go as long as I can.  At this point in time, its the best chance I have at getting my mobility on again.  A very important side benefit is that this therapy keeps my body in shape by maintaing muscle mass and bone density, which are pretty important for walking again.

The last couple months my legs have been crazy active making my work outs at Project Walk amazing and sleep challenging!!  They're starting to really respond to the training!  I have a long ways to go, but progress is encouraging!!  It's amazing to me that even after 3 years I'm still making daily progress.  The progress is impossibly slow, but its still progress and change is oh so good!!  A huge development in last couple weeks is that I've been able support part of my weight on my legs with bent knees, which means my muscles are engaging!!  Oh yeah!!!  I don't have any pictures yet, but very soon I will.  Below is a picture of me working on my core strength and balance...something I do a lot of!

I'm starting Graduate School through Colorado State University this fall.  I'll be working on getting a Master's of Engineering in Water Resources and Management.  If you're at all interested check it out:  I decided that it was time to broaden my definition of recovery.  I can't afford to work yet due to my high caregiving needs that are covered as long as I'm not working, but won't be once I start.  Therefore, I've decided to start grad school to prepare myself for the eventual day of working again.  I was able to get a scholarship to cover all the tuition until I graduate through this amazing organization called Swim With Mike.

3-year anniversary!  UGH!!  Can't say that I was excited to see July 9th roll around again.  I was really hoping that I'd be on my feet by now.  If I dwell on that fact it can really get me down and be pretty discouraging.  I miss my mobility and independence so much!!!!!!  How do I deal with this overwhelming loss and sadness?  I focus on all the blessings I have.  I focus on the amazing progress I've made thus far and how that seemed impossible 3 years ago.  I focus on that God is good and all things happen for a reason.  I focus on the support I have from an AWESOME group of friends and family, which I'm so lucky to have!!  YOU help me stay optimistic and positive!  Thanks for your support!!