Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back at Project Walk!

I'm back at Project Walk getting my butt kicked and loving every minute of it. It's going awesome and I'm filled with hope and optimism!! The drive down was exciting, but without mishap. We sneaked out of Oregon between two major snow storms and then headed to Southern California where they were getting pummeled with rain storm after rain storm. We arrived just before Christmas and got moved into an apartment in Encinitas, CA. After spending Christmas with family I started my session at Project Walk on Dec 27. I'm planning on staying here for 8 months or as long as the money lasts. Speaking of money you can now donate to my cause and its tax deductible. Check it out by clicking here. All donations go directly to medical expenses.

To give you an idea of what Project Walk is like I put together a short video from my last stay there. Check it out!

Matty T at PW

One of the things that is hard to show in a short video is the camaraderie with the other people at PW. I've met people from all over the world that have humbled me with their amazing attitudes and perspectives! PW is more than a place of physical recovery it is a place filled with hope and amazing people who embody that hope!! I love my pdub family!!

This past fall has been really tough with several catastrophic events with loved ones. Please continue to keep Hendri's family and friends, the Nolan family and Grantland family in your thoughts and prayers has they deal with these tough times. This community is a powerful source of love and support!

Thank you for your love and support. I'm only able to be here because you chose to support me!!

Keep the faith!

Much love,


PS: If you feel the need for encouragement come visit me and spend some time at PW and I promise you that you'll leave with a different perspective!