Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tis the season for being thankful for what we have and thought I would share some things I'm thankful for.

I'm thankful that I can move my arms, that I can feel things from my nipples up, that my lungs remain healthy, that there were over 20 people in the waiting room on the day of my injury, thankful that Beth stayed the night in the ICU with me that first night, that Kyle stayed the next night, for all the others that kept me company during the nights at the hospital, the neurosurgeon was able to put me back together, that my mind is intact (well mostly), that I have some of the best friends that anyone could ask for, that I have a loving supportive family, and there's so much more that I could go and on.

Still one thing amazes is all the support from perfect strangers. It has renewed my faith in humanity! So with that I want to send a personal thanks to each and every person that reads this!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17, 2009: Hope

I can't believe how fast this year is flying by! I can't believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because its all about food, friends and family.

I had my first therapy session in the pool, which was awesome! It felt so good to be in the water. The therapist put floaty things on me and I was able to propel myself around the pool. I even went completely under a couple of times by request of course. Now I just need to find a pool with a lift and a couple of volunteers and I can go swimming whenever I want. Anyone?

I only have a few therapy sessions left at hospital due to my insurance. So I'm looking into other alternatives. Right now I'm looking into going to Project Walk in Carlsbad, Next Step in Seattle, or Neuro Worx in Utah.

The FES bike is still in the works. I'm also looking into to getting a standing frame and start getting the components for a home work out set up. It turns out that standing and exercising is actually good for you...who knew?

I've been thinking about the word hope a lot lately. A definition I read recently is: hope is to desire with the expectation of obtainment. This resonated with me and so I thought i would share it. Hope gives me the strength to face each day.

Thanks for all the love and support. God knows I need it!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The drawing was done by my good friend Gabe. He's a talented local artist and whipped this out in 20 minutes. Check him out.

Put in a vote for him here:

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 2, 2009 Update

Don't forget about the raffle:

Thank you Scott Valley...again. Over a hundred people came out for the Halloween Fun Run organized by an Etna High School senior for her senior project. Thanks Terri! I want to also thank the Sweezey's for hosting the event at their ranch.

I received the paper work for ordering the FES bike and hope to have it in my possession in about a month. Check out the bike at

if you haven't yet. I plan on getting the RT 300.

For Halloween I dressed up like a badly injured Spider Man. I'll have some photos posted soon. Then hung out with Clark Kent, Uncle Rico, an 80's aerobic instructor, a flight attendant, Hans, Frans, and a Zombie.

Its been a bittersweet past few weeks. I just sold my truck, which was good financially but was hard emotionally. That truck was a trusted friend and we had been through a lot together. From kayaking trips to Tatlow Creek to surf trips to the Straight of Juan de Fuca to back country missions off Cecilville summit to secret mountain bike missions on the preferred cycling trail to visiting that special lady friend. I'll miss you my friend. I'll never forget you.

The ebb and flow of life is a dynamic adventure that is best experienced on the narrow path. We don't always get to choose the outcomes, but we always get to choose our response. Asking 'why me?' is quite possibly the biggest waste of energy in the known universe. My hope is that I always choose this path no matter what life may bring.