Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good times great taste

First things first, I want to thank all of you that have committed to be part of the 300 I'm truly blessed to have this kind of support.  The ONLY way I'm able to be at Project Walk and make the progress I've been making is through the generosity of my friends and family.  I did not receive a huge settlement, my only source of income is Social Security (not enough to even live on), insurance says I'm rehabilitated, and I don't have an rich uncle.  So, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU you've given me hope.  I think its really amazing to have this kind of support...grass roots baby!

Where does all the money go you may ask?  Being at Project Walk costs about $6500/ month above and beyond what my living expenses would be if I was back in the Rogue Valley.  Plus I have future needs including:

New shower chair - $3800 -
Standing manual wheelchair - $12,000 -
New wheelchair van - $60k-80k

Insurance will cover a small amount of the above items, but its laughable how small that actually is.

How can YOU help??

The easiest way is to become one of my 300 supporters.  I'm trying to get 300 to donate $20/month for the next year.  It's tax deductible and anything helps.


For more information you can email me at

or check out the previous post.

Next way to help is come to my BBQ and Live Auction on March 31st and/or volunteer to help.  We are still looking for more auction items and we will literally take anything to auction.  Nothing is too small or big.


Benefit BBQ and Live Auction - to help Matt Thomas continue therapy at Project Walk where he is making outstanding progress!

Tickets - $15/person and $25/ couple
Includes dinner - BBQ Tri-tip or Hawaiian Chicken with all the fixin's.

5pm - Social hour
6pm - Dinner
7pm - Live Auction

HAWAIIAN THEME! If you need a shirt contact Mike Thomas!

Come on out and support Matt, he desperately needs your help!

Tickets available:
Wildwood Crossing, Etna
Bob's Ranch House, Etna
Scott Valley Fitness Center, Fort Jones
Scott Valley Florist, Fort Jones
Black's Home Furnishings, Yreka
Brook's Automotive Repair, Mt Shasta
And at the door - make reservations on this event page or email

If you would like to donate an item for the auction or help out in any way call Diane at (530) 468-2707 or email

What have I been up to?? 

I got super sick for a couple weeks in January and it took a few weeks to recover. I'm doing great now, but I was pretty hagard for a while. I had a stomach bug for a week. Then a day later I came down with a bad fever for another week. Then I was exhausted and it took a few weeks to feel a 100% again. On the flip side I wasn't able to eat much so I lost some weight and I couldn't go to PW so I saved some money...positive thoughts.

I'm back at it now and going strong.

Here I am doing the arm cycle, while in the standing frame.

Here I am working on my transfers, which I'm constantly working on.

On the heavier side...

This month has been extremely challenging emotionally and mentally. It's been 2-1/2 years and I'm still not walking yet and that thought discouraged me greatly and gave me doubts. What am I doing here? It cost so much to be here and for what? Then I look back at the pictures and video from a while ago and realize I'm making progress and continue to make progress daily. I go to PW and see others that are worse off than me and see the determination in their eyes and smiles on their faces and it humbles and encourages me to press on. I guess I'm learning the true meaning of the words perseverance, adversity, and hope. SCI recovery is a slow tedious process and the more severe the injury the longer it takes, which can be as quick as weeks or as long as 10 years or more. I did a number on my neck so my road to recovery could take a while. The march of time can be relentless and discouraging. During these tough times I rely on the my faith in God and the belief that all things happen for a purpose even I can't see it yet. I look to my loving friends and family for support. You'll never know just how much you have helped me.

I dream of the day when I'm flying down a gladed slope with cold smoke stinging my face, when I'm taking that final stroke to launch me off a waterfall on some remote creek, and the day I can walk up to my doctor and see "See, I told you so!" In the meantime, as the calendar ticks by I strive to find enjoyment in life from spending time with a good friend to avocados on my burger.

Want to do me a favor? Enjoy your life, the people in it, your health, your ability to do cool stuff and get out there and live!

Thanks for your support and prayers!!

Keep the faith,