Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13, 2009 Update from Matt

Sorry for the lack of updates. My goal is to provide an update at least once a week, and if I don't feel free to call me out!

Since the last update I've had visitors from Seattle a couple of weekends, I got stranded in an elevator, my wheel chair died, and I no longer have to wear the neck brace. That's right no more neck brace!!!! It feels great to finally be able to turn my head again after 3 long months.

Therapy is going well. I'm getting stronger and stronger each day. I still have a long ways to go, but there's progress and I'm thankful for it. My left tricep is still weak, but is slowly becoming functional.

Several people have said to me that they're impressed with my positive outlook. My positive outlook is largely due to all of you. Without the love and support I'm not sure I would have made it this far. So thanks!!!!

My spirits remain high and my hope is strong! If I can encourage any of you it would be to get off your butt and go use your legs. Those things are pretty cool. Also let the people know who are dear to you that you appreciate them. Because things can change in an instance!

Keep the faith!

Upcoming Events:

SOU Women's soccer team is playing this Saturday and donating some of the proceeds to me. So check it out!


PS: Excuse the grammar. No one is editing these for me anymore and I'm just an engineer. :)

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