Monday, January 4, 2010

Update's a poem

I know I need to do an update and I'm working on it. In the meantime here's a poem a dear friend wrote that I thought some of you might enjoy:

for my friend matt,

always grounded, beautiful tact
what can be said
spirit floats river bed
he sits so serene
his love permeates every ravine

our God, you are amazing
catch us off guard, open hearts blazing
his life i'm so thankful
body injured, he stays grateful
with so much strength
none but him, know this great length

strength invert weakness
there's beauty in meekness
his purpose, his intuition
leads us all to fruition

first night i was there
his eyes, i'll never forget that stare
i tried so hard to be strong
tears fell, i was wrong
looking back on that moment
he gave me atonement

eager to help him
shrink his worries thin
all friends we compete
love him too much, we'll never leave

thinking back on adventure
brings me such pleasure
we climb
with open mind
drive to pilot rock
sip coffee, good talk
spontaneous, down for whatever
memories in my heart forever

these times are different
equally equivalent
that was the past
this is the contrast

like a needle to the heart
pulls my mind apart
no matter where i am
my heart is in his hand

his mom i applaud
such wisdom in her nod
his dad big strong heart
with courage from the start

he walked in my dream
let's pray peaceful ending
a great weight will be lifted
the burden, rise, shifted


you are such a blessing
so humble, always composed
in God, future blissfully grows


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