Wednesday, April 14, 2010

News: April 14, 2010

The deafening roar mesmerizes me as I sit there waiting for the signal going over each move in my mind. I’m nervous…very nervous! I can hardly stand the anticipation. Then there it is, the ‘all clear’ signal, a couple of taps to the top of the head that signifies that one of my friends has made it to safety and now its my turn. I take one last look at the towering granite walls on both sides, swallow the fear welling up in my throat, and peel out of the eddy letting the power of current take me. My purpose is singular. There’s no fear or any other thought in my mind except for the task at hand. I take several powerful strokes building up speed accelerating towards that critical moment of do or die. Wait for it…NOW!! I dip my paddle pulling just hard enough, lifting up with my knees, and shifting my weight to place me on the slide at the perfect angle slightly to the left. This crucially timed movement will seal my fate. Suddenly I’m rocketing down the slide, launching into the air and landing with a jolt in the white caldron known as Cherry Bomb Gorge. Abruptly, I’m upside down approaching the infamous ‘Weir!’ I roll just in time to make a critical move to avoid a beat down and an epic swim. I make it to the safety of the eddy, look up at the towering granite walls and think ‘Now this is LIVING!!’ The grin is enough to split my face in half. I wake up staring at a white ceiling that is strangely familiar, my body feels foreign, and as the memory fades I know that more adventures await me! That hope fuels my motivation and I cry out ‘I will NEVER give up!!!’

Life is rolling on! I can hardly believe it’s been 9 months. In some ways it feels like it was just yesterday and in other ways it feels like an eternity. My triceps continue to get stronger and though the progress is slow its still progress, but physical therapy continues to pay off. Some recent accomplishments include shaving my own face and drinking out of a pint glass. I have to use two hands to drink out of the pint glass, but let’s be honest most of us should anyways. Thanks to your amazing generosity I’ve purchased a standing frame that will help my bones not deteriorate.

Last, but certainly not least, I’m officially going to Project Walk and will start at the beginning of June. I’m very hopeful and excited about this. I know it will be challenging both physically and mentally, but I’m ready for a challenge! Check out what Project Walk is about at their web site.

I want to sincerely thank all of you for generosity both monetarily and time. I could not do this without your support. I’m truly blessed and I don’t say that flippantly!! I’ve been able to purchase a shower chair, standing frame, and I’ll be able to attend Project Walk due to your generosity.

Some upcoming needs are:
• A place to live in Carlsbad when I’m attending Project Walk. Rent could cost as much as $3000/month and Project Walk is using the bulk of the donations so far at a cost of $20,000 for 10 weeks.
• Hand controls for my van allowing me to drive, which will provide a huge step towards independence. The cost will be around $6000-8000.
• Care giving is an ongoing need.
Every little bit is a huge help and greatly appreciated
Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. I hope that you are well and enjoying life and those in it!


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  1. Great post, Matt. Really, what kind of show-off only uses one hand to drink a pint?