Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Journey Goes On

Sorry for the lack of updates. I know there are (or were ha ha) a lot of people following my progress and supporting me. Thank you for your support because without it the progress I’ve gained in the last few months would not be possible. My recovery is going to take a long time and your support is dearly appreciated and needed.

Speaking of support…wait for it…yes, that's right, I have needs…aside from professional psychiatric needs of course. The most urgent need I have right now is for a caregiver starting May 1 and going through at least the middle of June, but I could also extend it to August if that would be more desirable. It pays $10/hr and there’s about 50 hrs/ week and a room (free rent) is provided. There’s only about 2 hours of hard work per day and the rest is just hanging out and driving me around. If you’re interested email at soon! Oh, and its in San Diego…so if you’re unemployed and want a change of scenery lets talk!!

The other ongoing need is resources to attend Project Walk. It cost about $4000 per month just for the therapy not including living expenses in an expensive area. I've looked into a lot of different things and I'm convinced that PW is best thing for me right now. The progress is undeniable.

I’ve been doing the Project Walk thing now for 3 months and its going great. The hard work of the last three months is starting to pay off. This last week I saw significant improvement in my core strength, which has translated into better posture, balance, and being able to start working on transfers. I’m close, but need some more practice. I took a header into the couch practicing the other night, but don’t worry it was a soft landing and Joe was spotting me. I’ll get it pretty soon. I’ve also been using my manual chair as much as possible. My short-term goals are to get self sufficient in my manual chair and be able to transfer myself, which I’m working very hard to attain.

It’s hard to put the work I’m doing into tangible terms even for myself. I’ve been working out 3 hours a day, 3 days week and now I can sit up straight without falling over, I can slide my butt over a couple inches, and I can bench press 40 lbs 15 times. That kind of progress seems so small and almost indiscernible. I remind myself that just over a year ago those things seemed completely impossible. I didn’t learn how to kayak class V the first year I got in a kayak or ski steep remote slopes in the backcountry. No, it took several years of stubborn determination, countless hours of mundane practicing, and most importantly, constantly pushing my limits. The rewards of those many years are being able to enjoy the wonders of the South Branch, Upper Cherry Creek, and the Trinity Alps backcountry. The rewards of the sweat tears at Project Walk are a MUCH needed independence MOBILITY!!!

Per the request of many I added a link to the side of this blog...over there on the my Facebook album that is accessible by ANYONE you don't need to have Facebook!!!!!!


  1. Love it!!! Awesome work, keep it up!!

  2. It's great to see your progress Matt. We look forward to hearing more milestones being reached. You can do it!

    The Nolans

  3. Hi Matt, Sounds like things are going really well! I have a friend in the San Diego area and I passed on your info. Good luck and keep us posted!
    Patty Calvano

  4. Great Job!!! You have always been such a strong willed person, you always cracked me up in school and had the best smart ass comments in my yearbook, Proud of you Matt!!!

  5. Nice update Matt. Keep working hard. Keeping you in my prayers.

    Mark Peaty and family