Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday, August 16th Update:

Matt started outpatient therapy on Friday and was thrilled to find out that his favorite therapist has been assigned to work with him 3 days/week. Matt and his new therapist have 2 main therapy goals: 1. to keep his body, head to toes, in the best physical condition as is humanly possible and 2. to strengthen what is working right now so that he can be as independent as possible. Matt's arms continue to get stronger yet he still does not have movement or feeling in his legs. However, he does have a little more sensation in his nipples! This sensation is new and he didn't have the feeling a week ago. So slowly but surely, he is regaining a little more's just very slow progress.

Matt's determination and motivation grows more and more each day. Although Matt has some ups and downs, he refuses to be anything other than optimistic. One way he is staying motivated is by finding new ways to be independent. Tonight, Matt took a wheelchair taxi van, by himself, to and from a party at Talent Art Studio, hosted by his friend Gabriel Lipper. It was the first time he had been in a vehicle since the accident. Matt hung out with friends and even modeled for some of the artists as they painted and sketched his portrait (pictures will be posted soon!)

Taking these outings helps Matt maintain a sense of normalcy, which is so very important for him. Other good news: Matt and his family have found a place to live in Medford. They look forward to moving in at the end of this week!

Info re: fundraiser in Scott Valley from Diane Pomeroy:"Scott Valley Loves Matt Thomas" group is having an organizational meeting on Wednesday, August 19 at 7:00 in the Fort Jones Community Hall and are asking interested people from the valley, and also someone from Medford area, to attend to help us plan a fundraiser. We are hoping to have this even on Saturday, September 19 and at this point are asking for donations for an auction. We already have some great things, but could really use some more. And it would be great to get donations from the Medford area as well. Please contact Diane 531-468-2707 to offer suggestions or donations. Thank you

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