Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday, August 13th Update:

Matt’s discharge from the hospital yesterday proved to be, well, a total junk show, (thanks in large part to our wonderful medical system). Matt and his parents moved across the hospital parking lot into the "Providence House." This is temporary housing owned by the hospital that is wheelchair accessible. This housing situation is not ideal. It's small, dark and, well, pretty damn depressing overall. BUT, luckily, it is only temporary until they can find a house that fits their needs. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task as the wheelchair accessible housing options in the Rogue Valley are quite pathetic.

The good news is that his private caregiver will start working with Matt tomorrow morning. This will give his mom and dad a much needed break from being the primary caregivers. Also, he starts outpatient therapy tomorrow. Matt is looking forward to this because the outpatient therapists will work him harder then the previous therapists did. He is excited to enter this next phase of therapy…his goals are to strengthen his arms and continue to move and stretch his lower extremities. Range of motion is key!

Certainly, Matt has had his ups and downs in the last 5 weeks, but all in all, he is simply amazing. How he can laugh at situations when most people (including myself) would want to cry is incredible. Matt has a long road ahead of him but he is still determined as ever and says he could not do this without everyone backing him up and cheering him on. Baby steps.....

If you’d like to support Matt and have a good time doing it, please join Matt and his fabulous friends for a premiere of the new kayaking film (featuring Matt Thomas) shown in Shasta, CA on Friday, August 21st. For more info, check out this link:

And for those folks in Cincinnati, please join me (Beth) and the Nolan family for Happy Hour @ Monk’s Cove on Friday, August 28th to raise money for Matt. Check this link for more info!

For all the kayakers and whitewater rafters out there, the wonderful Darin McQuoid has put together a raffle to help raise money for Matt. Please go to the link and buy or a raffle ticket...(or 2, 3, 4) for a chance to win some great gear!!

And last by not least, check out the article on Canoe & Kayak Magazine blog spot re: Matt's injury and how the river community is coming together to support him. very impressive.

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  1. So glad to hear that Matt is out of the hospital! I read your comment about wheelchair accessible housing lacking in your area, and it struck me--here in King County, the Home Builder's Association sponsors a yearly Ramp-a-Thon, where they build wheelchair ramps for a select group of homeowners, free of charge. I have left a message for the Jackson County Home Builder's Association to check if they have a similar program in your area? Will let you know what I find out...

    Amanda Finnegan