Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13th. 9am Update:

Good morning. Last night was a little rough for Matt due to pain and the uncomfortable C-Pap mask he has to wear which helps to maintain his lung function. They finally managed to make him comfortable around 3am and he slept for a solid 3 hours after that. The good new of the morning is that the neuro checks showed improvements from what they were on Sunday morning! Matt held his left arm in the air for 8 seconds, which is 5 seconds longer than he did on Sunday morning. Also, he has more feeling in his chest region. The nurse was very excited about this!! The goal for today is to work his lungs to that he can avoid developing pneumonia. Pneumonia would be a big set back and would guarantee a longer stay in the CCU.

***MATT'S INSTRUCTIONS: Today, please focus your efforts, prayers and energy on giving Matt the strength to cough and breathe fully and deeply. Pray for clear looking lungs on the next x-ray. The sooner he gets out of the CCU and into the Inpatient Rehab Unit the better!Matt's nurses and therapists have been outstanding. He is in good hands. Thanks to all who visited this weekend, especially those of you from out-of-town. MATT'S QUOTE FOR THE DAY: "I can feel the love and it's strong." [Referring to everyone's prayers, thoughts, visits, cards, emails, etc.]

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