Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15th 11PM Update:

After a restless, sleepless Tuesday night, Matt took a short nap and then rallied to have a great therapy session. Although the day didn't start out very good, it ended well and he is expecting to have a great night sleep. His buddy, Pete, is staying with him in the hospital tonight. Having someone stay with him at night is the key to Matt’s peace of mind and comfort. Thanks to all who have volunteered to help. If anyone would like to volunteer, let us know by emailing

As for his health, his vital signs remain stable, lungs are clear and O2 saturation levels are within range on room air. His right arm is still stronger than his left. No changes regarding the feeling in his chest. It is likely that the physical and occupational therapy will be the most exhausting and strenuous experience his body has ever been through. So rest will be crucial during this time.

MATT'S INSTRUCTIONS: Continue putting positive thoughts and prayers out there! Feel free to use your creative flair...cheers, chants, songs, pictures, poems or whatever else you can think of to get his LEFT TRICEP moving and help push him through the rigorous therapy sessions. Please note the new blog spot listed now has links to see some of Matt's crazy kayaking adventures. Also, there is a place to donate money to help Matt and his family pay for medical equipment and nursing services, now and in the future. Matt's road to recovery might be a long one, but it's lined with beautiful people cheering him on. You all give him a tremendous amount of strength. Thank you, thank you!

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