Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A note for Tuesday July 28th from Kyle Allred

As many of you know, Matt's parents Mike and Jeanie have been in the hospital with Matt every day since they rushed home from their trip overseas. They are giving Matt their very best love and support while simultaneously trying to research various items related to his injury. Trying to juggle the two has been exhausting for Mike, Jeanie and brother Neal (though they are not ones to complain about anything). My goal in writing this note is to take as much of the load off Matt's family as possible-- regarding specific things that Matt's support group can help with. Mike has agreed to give me a list of homework assignments that we can do to help out, and I will post them to this site when he does. Many of you are incredibly busy, so these assignments are directed towards folks who have the time to help. If this is you, please "sign up" for one of these assignments using the message board topic "homework assignments" on his facebook support page. Thanks!

First assignments:

1) Matt has agreed to sell his Tundra. It is a 2002 4x4 with high miles about 240,000. He owes about $8900 which is about what it is worth. It runs well, but needs front brakes. Perhaps you know someone who might be interested, or could put it on craigs list for us. The truck is parked in the parking lot at Providence for pictures/ test drives. Mike has the Keys in Matt's room (3010).

2) Could someone do research on vans, etc. for wheel chair use with lifts. Particularly interested in a Dodge Sprinter(they have Mercedes diesel engines so get about twice the mileage of typical vans). Looking for prices, where to get a vehicle outfitted with a lift, etc.

3) Could someone check out "Mobility Unlimited"(its in Medford) and the person's name is Bruce Hoff. it is some kind of charitable outfit for disabled people.

This is the info that I received from Mike-- If you have questions about any of these assignments, you can send me (Kyle Allred) a message, and I'll try to get more info for you about it.

P.S. Thanks for all the recent donations and thanks for the research on Project Walk everyone!

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