Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18, 8pm Update:

Thanks, in part, to a delicious home cooked meal and the addition of an air mattress on his bed, Matt had his best night of sleep yet. He was able to sleep almost the entire night. He woke up feeling refreshed and ready for therapy. Therapy is going well, but it will be a slow process. Matt is giving 100% to his rehab sessions...he remains positive and optimistic.The air mattress on his bed will assist in preventing skin breakdown (imperative for someone who cannot move in bed).

The next step is to improve Matt's nutritional intake- also a key component for recovery. The hospital food is sub-par, at best...home cooked meals seem to really hit the spot. Food (especially home cooked) feeds the body and spirit. So, if anyone in town is interested in cooking a meal for Matt and his family, please let me know!

Thank you, thank you!

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