Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 22nd 8:08PM Neal's Update:

Got to talk to Matt on the phone tonight, he sounds great, so much better than when I left the hospital last. Seeing the pictures of him outside the hospital and smiling has been a real boost for everyone (well at least for me). His voice is more normal than it was, he doesn't sound tired, or strained to talk; he really did sound fantastic! Sensation levels are still about the same, but again the spinal shock (not to be confused with the band Spinal Tap) might take as many as 6 weeks to calm down. Keep your positive thoughts coming and prayers for a speedy and full recovery.

Thank you all again for the donations, they are really helping to ease some of the stress and emotional toll of this whole event. They are allowing us to focus on Matt and his recovery and not the expenses that we need to take care of while we wait for any government assistance to come in (which could take 6-8 months and in some cases 24 months). We've been told his applications for assistance are being expedited thanks in a large part to the hospital staff so we are very grateful for their assistance in this as well. Everyone at Providence Hospital in Medford is doing everything they can to help Matt and get him on his feet. They are definitely a hospital that cares for their patients and we are so blessed that he was brought there.

Keep my parents in your thoughts and prayers as well for the strength to keep up with Matt and his recovery. Thank you all again, your kindness continues to go above and beyond all expectation.

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