Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday, July 27th, 11pm Update:

Matt recognizes that he has approximately 3 ½ weeks until he is discharged from the hospital and therefore, every minute in physical therapy counts! Today, he got closer to being able to roll to one side on the therapy mat and his arms are able to hold his body weight for longer period of time. He is also making it a priority to keep his body moving as much as possible when not in a therapy session. Matt’s goal is to make the nurses do range of motion with his arms and legs every chance they get. The more his body moves, the better!

For those of you who to visit Matt, please offer to help him with range of motion. It’s a good skill to learn, easy to do and makes a big difference!

In the last few days, Matt has begun to experience muscle spasms in his legs. This is common for people with spinal cord injures. It does not necessarily mean that he is regaining sensation in his legs. According to the nurses, this only means that he is coming out of “spinal shock”. Interestingly enough, spinal shock often lasts 4- 6 weeks post injury. Matt is only a little over 2 weeks post injury. We don’t have any answers as to why he seems to be “coming out of spinal shock” more quickly than the average person with a spinal cord injury (although, my hunch is that it’s because he’s part-human, part super-hero.) Never the less, we hope it’s a sign that he is healing quickly and pray that sensation will start to return!

From Cincinnati to Idaho to Seattle to Oregon to Southern Cali and beyond….keep spreading love and support to Matt and each other. Send prayers and positive vibes Matt’s way….please focus on Matt’s body regaining sensation and movement….from his head to his toes!

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