Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23rd, 9pm Update:

Matt continues to work hard in Rehab and he is making small, but meaningful progress each day. The therapists are focusing on strengthening his arms and keeping his legs and joints flexible. He is able to spend longer amounts of time in the wheelchair each day and enjoys cruising around in the power chair. On Tuesday, he was able to hold 75% of his body weight up with his arms on the mat. Then, on Wednesday, he could hold 100% of his body weight up. The most exciting news to report is that his left tripcep muscle is working. The therapist was able to feel his left tricep muscle react during therapy the other day. Although the muscle is very weak, it’s great to know that it is working....this means a great deal to his recovery and ability into the future.Future Plans: The doctor expects that Matt will remain in the hospital rehab unit for another 4 weeks and then be discharged home with outpatient therapy. Thank you for all putting your energy and thoughts into that tricep!

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